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Kenn Colt Interview

  • Published on 16 Jan 2015 - 6:45pm UTC
kenn colt interview 160115 EMmag

An interview with Kenn Colt, resident DJ of Versuz.

We start with good news as you are just listed as one of the DJ for the roster of the well-known club in Ibiza, Space. Satisfied?
Kenn: Yes, extremely satisfied. It’s a nice feeling when you’re announced on the DJ roster of Space Ibiza. Now I’ve become a DJ on the roster of Space Ibiza, organizations, clubs and festivals are able to choose me from this list. It’s about the world tour of Space or anywhere where there’s interest for this world tour I can be chosen from the list to play there. It’s a bit like the Pacha events in the club Versuz. By the way, in 2012 I had a world tour for Pacha and now it’s with Space.

What will such a residency bring for you? In which countries you’ll be able to play?
Kenn: I have no idea currently. It’s also just fresh news. But I can already say that there will be gigs in Italy, Spain and a few very interesting foreign gigs. I can’t tell anything more about those last gigs, but it looks fantastic.

In our own country you are also well known, especially due to the Versuz club. How did you end up as one of the residents in the top club in Hasselt?
Kenn: I’m playing there since the opening, but I became officially resident in November. I am enormously grateful towards Yves Smolders and Thijs Berben for belonging to the Versuz family. It’s really great to play together with the other residents. The atmosphere is good and there are a lot of positive comments. I usually do the closing of the club.

Now that you’re available worldwide for the Space world tour, may this threaten your accessibility for the Versuz residency?
Kenn: No not at all. There is a clear agreement with Versuz. And I get a lot of support from them. It is of course also pleasant for the club that I’m playing abroad and their resident is making a name there. I see it more as a kind of promotion for Versuz.

You are popular in Poland and the Czech Republic and you also have a tour there regularly. What exactly makes you popular in those countries?
Kenn: These countries are fun to play and the sound I’m bringing there is catchy. In addition to play the clubs, I’m also doing much festivals there. The single ‘Tonight’ is released there and has helped to let my popularity grow. Later on the single appeared on many compilations and this has been speeding up everything again. Besides that, I will play in France, Val Thorens, in February together with DJ Makasi. It’s called the Flemish week and I’m looking forward to it.

You are also a producer, in addition to your DJ’ing. The single ‘Tonight’ was released last year and currently you get support from Yves V for the Sunsphere track. When will this single be released and on which label?
Kenn: ‘Tonight’ was indeed well received and now there’s the ‘Sunsphere’ track. This is actually an edit of Shipperson and Mantrastic. This track is supported not only by Yves V but also by Henry Fong, Tom Swoon, Sem Thomasson, Jacob Van Hage, Josse de Mare, Jesse Roach and good comments continue to come in. This track won’t be releases at the moment but is available as free download just for promotion. It’s the official edit of ‘Sunsphere’. And there are also collaborations coming up with Sem Thomasson, Robert Abigail and Jacob Van Hage. But all those will be announced later.

What’s your most beautiful memory in your dj career so far?
Kenn: Well, I enjoy every moment so it’s difficult to point out one. But Tomorrowland jumps out, it is really a fantastic festival to play as an artist.

How would you describe your music style a DJ? House, EDM, or a mix of all those styles?
Kenn: Progressive house. And actually I think that EDM is a general name for electronic music. All styles are covered by this name. I know that EDM is currently a negative word, yet everything falls under the name electronic music. And all DJ’s also play electronic music.

You’re a young DJ, so did you ever play with vinyl?
Kenn: Yes, I started with vinyl and a played for about 3 years with this format. It felt even hard to switch to CDR because I miss vinyl. It’s such a nice feeling to be able to play with vinyl. It’s a special feeling to play with this format. Actually vinyl is indispensable.

You also have a radio show called, Showtime, where can people tune in to listen?
Kenn: On iTunes, Soundcloud and also Versuz brings this radio show to DH radio in Belgium. Showtime is a Monthly radio show where I can bring my style. There are also guest DJ’s. I already had artists such as Wolfpack, Sem Thomasson and DJ Licious delivering a guest mix.

Do you have some last special news to announce?
Kenn: Yes, I will be playing on Summerfestival in Antwerp this year. I will be closing the Versuz stage together with Tom Leclercq on the last day.

Thank you for the interview and we wish good luck in Versuz and on the Space world tour. (JL)