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8 Years Shomi Eivissa Clubbing La Rocca 21/02/2015 Report

  • Published on 26 Feb 2015 - 6:01pm UTC
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Report 8 Years Shomi Eivissa Clubbing, La Rocca, 21/02/2015.

DJ Licious is, already 8 years, organizing the quality events, Shomi, in Antwerp. This was our first visit to the Shomi events in the top Club La Rocca. There was an edition of Eivissa Clubbing planned in the 2 nd room, or the backstage. When we arrived in La Rocca, we were friendly welcomed and the main room was already completely filled with Shomi fans. DJ Licious and Gramophonedzie were guaranteed for a dose of vocal and deep house. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Always friendly people, a real party atmosphere and house music fans who were excited with every climax. It was the slightly quieter in the backstage but an ideal atmosphere to break away from the crowded main room. Delafino was playing house music, which was a little more experimental, there, followed by DJ Danco who brought a bit more progressive house. We ended with Josh Lasden, who played an Ibiza minded house set and it was clear that the ending brought sad faces with the late visitors. Eivissa Clubbing in La Rocca was a nice surprise, but next time maybe being held in the main room. La Rocca keeps on being thé club for genres such as house and progressive house on Saturday. We can decide with the words, it was a wonderful evening in Lier! (TE)