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Tomorrowland 2015 Ban Ki-Moon and New Names

  • Published on 29 May 2015 - 8:08pm UTC
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Ban Ki-Moon is a huge fan of Tomorrowland.

The organization may proudly add a new fan to their huge fan base. The positivity and companionship of young people at best dance festival in the world, Tomorrowland, has also activated the Secretary-General of the United States, or Ban Ki-Moon, to be part of this stunning reputation. This has been eternalized with their message, ‘Let’s work as one towards dignity for all’, on the One World bridge by Arne Quinze.
Tomorrowland also announces new names every day including the Belgian duo Arches, Pete Tong, Surfing Leons, Huxley, a Bakermat stage with Klingande, Robin Schulz en Dante Klein. One of our Belgian top house dj’s, Delafino, will be opening the opera stage before The National Orchestra of Belgium.
Every day, you can discover all new names on the homepage of Tomorrowland. (JL)