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So Many Colours

  • Published on 03 Jun 2015 - 12:52pm UTC
  • Artist: Jose Padilla
  • Rating: 8/10
so many colours 030615 EMmag

International Feel Recordings presents So Many Colours of Jose Padilla.

Ibiza legend, Jose Padilla, presents the new album ‘So Many Colours’. Jose Padialla is known for the compilation series Café Del Mar and is considered as one of the most famous chill out artists of the island Ibiza. He collaborated with label manager Mark Barrott, Telephones, Tornado Wallace and Wolf Müller on this album. So Many Colours is an ideal chill out album in which the limits of ambient, breakbeat, balearic and acoustic music are being moved. Our preference goes to the opening track or ‘Day One’, in which a 4/4 house beat is processed. For fans of chill out and Ibiza soothing beats this album is a must have. (JL)