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Unlocked 2015

  • Published on 17 Jun 2015 - 11:44am UTC
unlocked 2015 170615 EMmag

Private Sessions and Red Bull Elektropedia are presenting Unlocked during the annual Ghent Festivities.

The organizations Private Sessions and Red Bull Elektropedia will present 10 nights, or Unlocked, at the Marriott Hotelduring the annual Ghent Festivities. This hotel is located at the Korenlei in Ghent. The night will start at 23H. up to 05H. each evening. Names such as Renaat (R&S Records), Thang, Beauhause, Goldfox, Kong and Sheridan will take care of the musical part. The organization informs that there will be a limited capacity with coziness as extra character. (JL)