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Official TV Commercial Laundry Day 2015

  • Published on 20 Jun 2015 - 4:30pm UTC
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The official TV commercial of Laundry Day 2015 by Luk Wyns.

The official and humoristic TV commercial of Laundry Day 2015, was directed by Luk Wyns. He was inspired by the first days of the festival for this commercial, when in 1998 Luc Carpentier got the idea to organize a party in the Kammenstraat in Antwerp.

  • TV Commercial Laundry Day 2015 on: Youtube

    ‘The Soap Continues’, is the slogan this year in which of course the character of the original idea is featured. As always, a message of love, unity and music can be found at the festival, which will also have a new location this year, at Middenvijver on Linkeroever. In order to discover new artists, the organization informs to visit the social media channels of Laundry Day regularly. (JL)