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Follow Pukkelpop 2015 live

  • Published on 20 Aug 2015 - 12:52pm UTC
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In cooperation with Studio Brussels, you are able to follow Pukkelpop 2015 live.

A cooperation with the national radio station, Studio Brussels, brings Pukkelpop 2015 straight into your living room. You can follow the largest alternative music festival of our country through an exclusive radio frequency, 90.7 FM. In addition to music, interviews there’s also the latest news informed for visitors.

  • Radio Pukkelpop 2015 on: VRT Stream

    You can also be part of Pukkelpop, by using Twitter. The action is called, ‘Message In A Boiler’, whereby you can be part of the light show in the Boiler Room by using the hashtag ‘#pkpboiler’. Meanwhile, Goldfox has started his DJ in that same Boiler Room.
    And just like last year, visitors are extra spoiled with a red mobile DJ Booth on the festival grounds. (JL)