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Succeed Beyond Success DJ Marketing

  • Published on 16 Jun 2014 - 11:14am UTC
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Succeed Beyond Success is a company that focuses on special marketing for DJs and electronic artists.

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to be a promising artist. Even more, talent is sometimes being pushed aside for hip young DJs, who are having a good sales marketing. But isn’t that, contemporary marketing, at the expense of the current dj- culture? Is it a sin that real talents doesn’t get any airplay on radio’s? And those same talents don’t get a chance to perform at big events and festivals?
Succeed Beyond Success, a company of Wouter Gheysen, can give you the answer to these questions. A brief introduction. Wouter is a graduate (master) business administration and certified business coach. In the electronic world, he’s also known as Edward Molton. A man with a vision for the future, because even before the big break of drum ‘n bass, dubstep and breakbeat he previously managed the music label Now-Freakz specialized in breakbeat. A 2 the label, Coincidence Records, was established later and as a result of this, he played a few times at Tomorrowland. The new company, Succeed Beyond Success, focuses primarily on coaching with a specialization for a good marketing strategy for a future artist, but not for everyone. You need to have talent, because without the necessary talent it’s a lost cause.
An interesting company, making EM Magazine to have briefly contact with Wouter Gheysen.
“People who are starting, immédiately, see the success of artists like Avicii or Hardwell, but behind this success lies a whole crew handling both marketing, production, communication and promotion items”, explains Wouter. “Nowadays everything is developing real fast in this digital world, but wherein you should be able to provide something that’s unique” he adds.
However, the danger that lurks with marketing is, talent being lost or pressed in a corner, but where passion leads doors will go open. “You should have a large dose of passion and a -out of the box- mind,” says Wouter, “these elements will eventually ensure you to have a resistance to compete and also to be unique. And you can get this kind of coaching at Succeed Beyond Success, the coaching that’s required to compete with this talent in a music world that constantly evolves. Themes such as positioning, targets, distinctive, innovation are all cited,” retrieves Wouter.

We believe that for a future artist it’s interesting to ask further advice to Succeed Beyond Success, in taking steps in the electronic music world. (JL)