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People Time To Jack EP

  • Published on 11 Aug 2017 - 7:00pm UTC
  • Artist: DJ Pierre
  • Rating: 10/10
people time to jack ep EMmag 110817

The People Time To Jack EP of DJ Pierre Ft. Vonny & Clyde on the Heidi Pres Jackathon Jams label.

The living acid house legend DJ Pierre presents in collaboration with Vonny & Clyde the new EP People Time To Jack released on the Heidi Pres Jackathon Jams label.
This release breathes jackin’ house music and is therefore justified being already played on BBC Radio 1 by Annie Mac. Jackathon is a complete concept consisting of events, a radio show and a music label. This release brings 2 versions, the ‘Back 2 Jaxxx’ Mix and ‘Tuff City Kids Mini Pitch Remix’, and it’s just that last remix that triggered us. A well deserved full 10/10 rating for this release. Tuff City Kids Mini Pitch Remix captures an infectious vocal cut, acid keys, a pure jacking house kick and snare, beautifully constructed towards a stunning climax. The Back 2 Jaxxx Mix is more techno styled, and informs the listener it’s ‘Time To Jack’. Well done. (JL)