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Crammerock 2014 Day 2 Saturday 06/09/2014

  • Published on 07 Sep 2014 - 6:36pm UTC
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Crammerock 2014, report day 2.

On 2 days, 28.000 visitors came to Crammerock. There was a focus on drum ‘n’ bass and dupstep for Saturday, although you could hear some house on a small stand with as lovely moment ‘Discos Revenge’ by Gusto. The evening started with Hooverphonic and TC in the club tent. The set of TC was solid with a wink to The Fugees and ‘Ready Or Not’ and also Daft Punk with ‘Get Lucky’. Oscar and The Wolf proved to have a good live reputation. The performance remained largely calm, although the band has some electronic influences into their songs. The hype of Studio Brussel, or Gunther D, chose to play classics with electro house and in between EDM. Having the typical atmosphere and recalling a World Cup feeling while we all were dancing together on the Devils. With the last beats of Gunther D, we left the festival. We will remember the sweet and pleasant atmosphere on both days of the crowded festival Crammerock. (JL)