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Entourage EP

  • Published on 14 Oct 2014 - 4:23pm UTC
  • Artist: Tube & Berger
  • Rating: 10/10
Entourage EP 141014 EMmag

Tube & Berger are presenting the Entourage EP on Kittball Records.

A masterly good and new EP of Tube & Berger on Kittball Records. This EP is a collaboration with Ante Perry, Paji and in.deed. Especially the track with in.deed creates a beautiful release wherein deep house and progressive house are forming a wonderful story. An emotional bass line, the female vocal sample and piano are providing an irresistible track, ‘Highness’. The track, ‘In the Shadows’ leans more towards deep house and in ‘Reliquia’ slies also a progressive tinge with a summer feel. An excellent release on the German label, Kittball Records. (JL)