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Guido van der Meulen - Guido’s Lounge Cafe Interview

  • Published on 23 Aug 2016 - 10:10pm UTC
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An interview with Guido van der Meulen of the Guido’s Lounge Cafe radioshow.

Lounge, chill out, ambient, music genres that aren’t receiving the attention that it deserves. But we would like to make a small change for this at Electronic Music Magazine Belgium. The Best Ambient radio show on Mixcloud, the Chill Out radio show on Mixcloud is of the Dutchman, Guido van der Meulen, or Guido’s Lounge Cafe. A digital radioshow that is followed worldwide. Time for an interview.

Where did your interest for lounge and chill music arise?
Guido: My interest has always be present, especially in my subconscious.
Searching for ways to relax, it started in the 80 ‘s with music such as Jazz, Ambient and classical music. The term Chill out wasn’t familiar to me, there was just a certain Jazz variant, which was called later Acid Jazz. The box mentality is not really my thing. So, I found lovely to mix all different genres, and you can discover this in all my mix-sessions.

You’re telling, in your life story, that you went to Bali. Did you gathered all inspiration there to start the chill out shows?
Guido: Bali, well that’s just another story, but idea of Guido’s Lounge Cafe was born there. GLC was actually meant as a real cafe/restaurant on Bali. This island is so relaxed, that I found it an ideal location for a Lounge Cafe. Back then, I wsa making lounge mixes for other restaurants, and this just to get a free meal. At the same time I bought more chill out and lounge music on local markets and in malls, and I was playing the Café Del Mar CD’s more frequently. Unfortunately, due to circumstances my wife and I had to go back to The Netherlands. Afterwards I started to make mixes and the radio show Guido’s Lounge Cafe was a fact.

What do you think about the service Mixcloud offers to radio producers, artists and radio’s?
Guido: Mixcloud is a great platform where music lovers, artists, radio producers and DJ’s easily get connected. It’s a source of information and contacts. The feedback you get from many listeners I find personally the most beautiful thing there is. Every genre is available on Mixcloud. Due to Mixcloud I got to know many people in real life and are staying in contact with them. It’s very nice to talk with like-minded people and to know how they experience things. Next to this, Mixcloud is organizing many competitions which is also stimulating to improve your mixes.

Are genres such as lounge house and tropical house music, getting a spot in your shows?
Guido: Well, I find this an interesting question, but difficult to answer. The radio stations I’m working for are requiring mixes between 60 to 100 bpm, and they expect this from me. But every now and then I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and deliver surprises. Thus, tracks with a 120 bpm sometimes end up in a mix of 60 bpm to 120 bpm and I will never exclude a music style.

Which labels and artists do you admire?
Guido: Nowadyas, I’m not working with a specific label, but I do have good contact with with Lemongrass Music, Diventa Music and Dubmission Records and others. Personally, I find it more fun to be in touch with the artist, especially the small lesser known artists are getting my attention because there’s lot of quality. Artists, well too much to mention really. But here are a few where I have good contact with: Michael E, Vargo, Alex Cortiz, Marga Sol, Counting Clouds and many more. In addition to this I’m also scouting for Diventa Music

What will bring the future for Guido van der Meulen, and Guido’s Lounge Café?
Guido: I’m looking for a new complete dj set, because nowadays I’m still working with a Novation controller. My old dj set disappeared when we move to Bali. But now I’m ready for live sets. But most of all I just love what I’m doing as music is a passion for me, it’s addictive and I’m breathing music.

Thanks for the interview, and we wish you good luck. (JL)