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Goldfox Interview

  • Published on 24 Oct 2014 - 5:33pm UTC
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An interview with Goldfox, DJ, organiser and programmer of Forty Five in Hasselt.

On the 8th November, you will be present at Produce & Play in the Vooruit, Ghent. What’s exactly your job on this afternoon?
Goldfox: I’ll be 1 of the panels together with Eppo Janssen (Pukkelpop) and Tom Stoop (Laundry Day, Summerfestival). This from a club function towards DJ’s and promoters. Chokri and Tom from from their festival function. I’ll be also giving feedback on DJ sets.

How can young talents reach you?
Goldfox: I’m available all day long from noon. It’s also an interesting network for the whole electronic music scene. Afterwards I’ll going to the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards and I Love Techno.

In addition to a well-filled DJ-calendar, you are also responsible in the club Forty Five, Hasselt. For those who aren’t yet familiar with the club, which music genres get a chance? And what’s for you the most memorable evening in the club so far?
Goldfox: I’m mainly working behind the scenes of the club there. Communication, creative management, bookings, programming, marketing and PR are my tasks. I’m also following and observing extern events. We have a wide spectrum of alternative genres, or anything between techno and house, bass, drum ‘n bass but also new wave events. It just can’t be commercial. We have the students nights on Thursday, which are always sold out. We aim to offer an educational value of good music. The most memorable evening was on 8th February 2014 with Kölsch.

Which artists or big names are coming soon to Forty Five?
Goldfox: We will be programming more techno because this genre gets more appreciation among the youth now. Our focus remains on high-quality artists. But there are also house and deep house evenings coming up. I can’t name any big names now, but these will be all announced on the faceobook page of Forty Five.

Productions or starting a music label is for many the next step in a DJ-career. Some combine both. Is this the future for you?
Goldfox: I made a choice as a DJ. No productions and no label. When I was young I was tickled by the work behind the scenes. The story of Rave Our Souls, event management, marketing, communication has my preference. Organizing small to large events and working flexible behind the scenes is a bigger challenge for me.

Which format gets your preference? Vinyl, CD, USB or a laptop?
Goldfox: As a DJ, vinyl of course. The switch to digital was inevitable because not all new songs are being released on vinyl. The other reason is that sometimes there are no turntables presented in clubs or at events. If they are, than they are used to put CD wallets on or it forms a problem while connecting material for other artists. For now, it’s also I also too busy to digitize all my vinyls to mp3.

Back to Play & Produce. What advice can you already give to young artists now?
Goldfox: Be original. If doesn’t matter which medium the artist is using. But you need to be original. No dry techno or house sets, but a set wherein a story is processed in. Also towards promotion, be original. An email or a personal approach is better than a facebook message.

Thanks for the interview and we wish you good luck on Play & Produce and in Forty Five. (JL)