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Tomorrowland 2015 first names and tickets

  • Published on 23 Jan 2015 - 12:43pm UTC
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The first names for Tomorrowland 2015 and ticket sales.

Tomorrowland will announce the first names on Monday the 26th January. From that day on the fans can discover the world stars who will be part of the best Dance festival in the world. For all foreigners coming to Boom in July, you’ll have the chance to order your tickets on Saturday the 24th January from 17H CET, as the Global Journey sales will start on that day. This was also announced in a video.

  • Sale Global Journey Tomorrowland 2015 on: Youtube
  • Our compatriots who want to get a hold on a ticket for the festival must be registered for the 30th January and participate in the sale on the 31st January. With this news the ‘madness’ of Tomorrowland 2015 has officially started. (JL)