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Josh Lasden Ft. Mátyás Blanckaert - Love At Breakfast Dennis Cartier Remix EP

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The new release of Josh Lasden Ft. Mátyás Blanckaert the Love At Breakfast – Dennis Cartier Remix EP on the El Futuro Recordings label.

The Belgian El Futuro Recordings label presents the new Dennis Cartier Remix EP of the popular track, Love At Breakfast. The talented producer and dj, Dennis Cartier, offers a sultry remix which having potential to become a hit. We do know the track Love At Breakfast due to the wonderful videoclip featuring Justine De Jonckheere (Miss Belgium 2011), but this brand new Dennis Cartier Remix might be one of the best versions of the track. A sultry sax and bassline are providing warm elements and this is the trigger which will give the remix airplay on radio’s and playlists on festivals worldwide this summer. The original Vocal Mix was also added to this release, which contains a vocal of Josh Lasden, whispering “Paradise”. Last but means not least, we do love the vocals of Mátyás Blanckaert on both, the vocal mix and Dennis Cartier Remix. Well done.