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Chill On The Moon EP

Chill on the moon EP 220918 EMmag

The Dacusan Music label presents the release of Ermessound and Rosario M. the Chill On The Moon EP.

We do also support chill out and lounge music at Electronic Music Magazine Belgium and this release on the Dacusan Music label is just miraculous. The Chill On the Moon EP of Ermerssound and Rosario M. is excellent. Chill out and lounge fans worldwide will be pleased with those 2 beautiful heavenly tracks. The title song, Chill On the Moon, is a breakbeat track which is softly emerging towards a break. Atmospheric keys are flowing to a break wherein, surprisingly, trumpets are added. Los Sonidos Del Pensamiento is getting a slightly more rock attitude in the rhythm, but changes completely into pure chill out during the break. Both tracks have a 120 bpm rhythm, so it’s ideal for radio shows to switch into or mix with 4/4 house beats.
An ideal chill out EP on the Dacusan Music label. (JL)