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Book We Love Events

  • Published on 29 Jan 2015 - 12:52pm UTC
book we love events 290115 EMmag

Peter Decuypere presents the book, We Love Events.

The book We Love Events is for any organizer, small, medium or a top event, a must to read. This book includes just about everything for new generation event managers need to held a successful event. Peter Decuypere is no stranger to our Belgian electronic music history. With club 55, Fuse, Fill Collins Club, Joan Collins Club and events such as I Love Techno, Lust For Life as achievements, he’s one of those innovative persons in our rich music history. He is also a teacher at high schools and bundles now a large experience as event organizer in the book, We Love Events. Who has the chance to visits the lectures of Peter Decuypere, his students or visitors, know that these lectures are an experience in itself. In this book we find everything from the start to analysis, in which the DNA of an event, the event values, the conversation event are being extended discussed. As examples he takes both top events like Tomorrowland, I Love Techno, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop as well as smaller neighborhood parties, all of whom are being analyzed. For both, a starting event organizer as a seasoned or experienced event manager this book is a good guide through new marketing methods. It’s absolutely correct that Peter Decuypere by Jan Van Biesen, network manager Studio Brussels, is labeled as an innovative marketer and Michiel and Manu Beers, of Tomorrowland, are full of praise for the book We Love Events. (JL)