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Electronic Music Magazine Belgium

An interview with Dave Lambert

  • Published on 06 Feb 2015 - 9:01am UTC
dave lambert interview 060215 EMmag

Dave Lambert spoke with Electronic Music Magazine Belgium about Zillion, Tomorrowland, Miami Massive, Versuz and forthcoming releases.

At the age of 16, Dave Lambert, started an impressive musical story. He played each year on the best festival of the world, or Tomorrowland. He is also one of the forces behind the concept, Miami Massive, at the annual Winter Music Conference and carries a warm heart for our compatriots there. But, he was also a stated value of the legendary club Zillion for some years. Apparently he has such a busy schedule that the only way for an interview is during a car ride to the airport for a new musical adventure, with DJ Licious on the steering wheel. An interview with an important artist in our Belgian music world was more than ever the next item.

  • Interview Dave Lambert
  • Dave Lambert will also play on Tomorowland Brazil on the 1st, 2 nd and 3rd May in São Paulo. (JL)