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The Sound Of Belgium Vol 2

  • Published on 19 Feb 2015 - 2:50pm UTC
  • Artist: Various
  • Rating: 9/10
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La Musique Fait La Force and News are presenting the compilation, The Sound Of Belgium Vol. 2.

The documentary, The Sound Of Belgium, was labeled on the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards by network manager of Studio Brussel, Jan Van Biesen, as a ‘must see movie’, and we can only agree with this. The documentary brings a wonderful image in which the early years of the Belgian electronic music is presented. The film received, on the same Red Bull Elektropedia Awards in 2012, an award. This documentary includes also the compilation CD’s being released by News and La Musique Fait La Force. The listener can discover the New Beat, Garage House, Acid House, Trance and eclectic music, that started the whole movement and eventually affected the whole world, on 4 different discs. As Jan Van Biesen said, this is a must for every lover of electronic music. (JL)