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Ride To Tomorrow Album

  • Published on 19 Mar 2015 - 10:10am UTC
  • Artist: Josh Lasden
  • Rating: 9/10
ride to tomorrow album 190315 EMmag

The Ride To Tomorrow Album of Josh Lasden on El Futuro Recordings.

A special track or, ’Ride To Tomorrow (Tomorrowland 2014)’, was made for the gig of Josh Lasden on 10 Years Tomorrowland last year. This track was served as the very last moment in his set on the best dance festival in the world. The title was therefore also fortified as the title for the full mixed album on El Futuro Recordings. In addition there’s a new track presented or, ’3.11 AM’, and artists such as Hazem Beltagui and Nathan Coles can also be found on this album. We have 3 favorites, the emotional breakbeat track ’Emotions’, the excellent ’Wavecatcher’, that is supported by Laurent Garnier, Armin van Buuren and Danny Howells and Tomorrowland track. And this above all due to the beautiful guitar. (TE)