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Versuz Pacha Worldtour 05/04/2015 Report

  • Published on 07 Apr 2015 - 3:40pm UTC
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Report Pacha Worldtour, Versuz, 05/04/2015.

Versuz belongs to the best clubs in the world, according to the readers of DJ Magazine, and was voted the best Belgian club. Versuz finished as 64th in the poll, DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs. Therefore, it was time for visiting Versuz in Hasselt. On Sunday the 5th April, or Easter Sunday, the Pacha Worldtour was programmed with guests John Jacobsen and Graham Sahara. The evening started with, names one of our house dj legends, Delafino, and he proved his name. Graham Sahara and John Jacobsen follow respectively after the warming up of Delafino. The evening had a magical power and this became evident during the first tracks from Graham Sahara who chose for happy and deep house sending the audience towards a musical heaven. John Jacobsen kept everyone in this heavenly musical adventure continuing with deep house and sometimes more tech house oriented beats. Versuz resident, Kenn Colt, got the honor to close the club with surprising tracks as for example the deep house remix of U2‘s With Or Without You. It was a very fine and pleasant evening in the best club of our country. Best Belgian club, sure enough, the organization of Versuz runs flawlessly with friendly staff and top quality that’s visible everywhere. Perhaps we can compare the club with clubs such as Ministry Of Sound and Fabric in London, but still, Versuz has its own identity. It was a wonderful evening in Hasselt. In addition our visit to the Pacha Worldtour, the Pacha club offers 2 T-shirt for our readers. You can win 1 of these T-shirts by entering the competition. All information how to win can be find at the bottom left within the links. (JL)