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Competition Pacha Ibiza

  • Published on 07 Apr 2015 - 4:03pm UTC
competition pacha tshirt 070415 EMmag

An exclusive competition for Electronic Music Magazine Belgium, offered by Pacha Ibiza.

The magazine received to T-shirts during the World Tour of Pacha Ibiza at club Versuz. Theses t-shirts are both women-friendly and will be ideal for your visit to the island, Ibiza. All readers have the chance to win a yellow or a pink t-shirt from the top Club Pacha..

  • 1 x Pacha Ibiza Tee Cherry T-shirt – Yellow – Small
  • 1 x Pacha Ibiza Tee Cherry T-shirt – Pink – Medium

    Sending a mail will be sufficient to make a chance at winning one of these t-shirts of Pacha Ibiza to:
    Please mention which t-shirt gets your preference.

    The contest runs until midnight, Monday the 20th April. We wish everyone the best of luck. (JL)