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DJ Licious conquers the world with People

  • Published on 06 Jun 2014 - 3:11pm UTC
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DJ Licious has a hit with his song ’People’.

Currently playing on Topradio and Studio Brussels, ‘People’, the new house track by DJ Licious. A dance-floor bomb, with the catchy vocal, that you will be hearing on quite a few festivals this summer. With the lyrics ‘What you wanne do, my man it’s on you?’ Licious invites everyone in the room, on the festival, or ‘For the people in the back, for the people in the front, for the people on the side’ to a wonderful summer-time. Conquering the world already happened before releasing the track and you can read this story in the interview with DJ Licious.

  • Interview DJ Licious EM Magazine

  • After Topradio, Studio Brussel is now also playing the hit whereby we can suppose that ‘People’ could become the summer hit of 2014. (JL)