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Synthax Error

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Daft Records presents the album, Synthax Error, of Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld.

Attention, Pukkelpop and Dour Festival, for this first release of the duo Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld. The Synthax Error Album is currently fresh air in the world of New Wave, Dark Electro and Synth Pop or perhaps a new flow of New Beat. A beautiful album that counts 11 tracks, wonderfully woven together by synths, melodies and dark rhythms, and being announced on Daft Records. In addition, the duo brings an impressive live show with masks, a lightshow and a large amount of New Wave fans who are searching for something more modern. Their album will be presented on the 1st May with an exclusive party in a castle in Ghent where the album will be also available on CD and 300 limited vinyls. Our preference goes out to the tracks, ‘Floorlayer’, who gives in addition to the sound of the duo, a progressive touch and ‘Gamebreaker’, due to the wide synths and the underlying emotional bass line. (JL)