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Liaisons Dangereuses De Shop

  • Published on 15 Apr 2015 - 10:10am UTC
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The popular radioshow Liaisons Dangereuses is coming to De Shop in Antwerp.

The radioshow, Liaisons Dangereuses, was for many people thé discovery of electronic music. The driving forces, dj Sven Van Hees and Paul Ward, started this radio show in 1985, and as a result they are pioneers and trendsetters. Electronic music is currently a standard, and the men were well ahead clearly of their time. Bringing the music from the clubs to the radio was the goal of making the radio show and that’s why it became popular in Belgium. In times of the tapes, fans were recording the radio shows and spreading them all over our country. The radioshow came to an end in 1995, but the trend was set and many followed. Currently Sven Van Hees is an international DJ and producer, while Paul Ward is a respected marketing strategist. The radioshow was broadcasted on Studio Brussels this year and a social media hype followed. It’s clear that everyone is ready for a huge celebration and you’re able to participate on Saturday the 25th April in the Shop in Antwerp. In addition to Sven Van Hees and Paul Ward, Steve Cop and John Van Looveren are presented on the poster. An event not to miss for those who love New Wave, pre-New Beat, Old Skool House and Classics. (JL)