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Start Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2015

  • Published on 22 May 2015 - 11:08am UTC
XO 2015 050115 EMmag

The start of 5 Years Extrema Outdoor Belgium in Houthalen Helchteren.

The the 5 th of the best undeground electronic music festival in our country, Extrema Outdoor Belgium, starts today. The organization presents a huge cake before the start and will be cut into pieces. Up next is the start of the birthday celebration with artists such as Lorenzo Ottati, Antelope, A.N.D.Y., Mickey, Jamie Jones, Gewelt, Ugur Yurt, Goldfox, Perc, Timax, Mr. Grammy and Jean Delaru on the first day of the festival. The Greatest Switch stage is expecting a special mystery guest for tonight. (JL)