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Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2015 report 3 24/05/2015

  • Published on 26 May 2015 - 12:52pm UTC
extrema report 3 260515 EMmag

The 3rd day on Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2015.

The last day on Extrema Outdoor Festival started with a sunny perspective, no clouds in the air and brilliant sunshine. The afternoon was started with Studio Brussels manager, Jan Van Biesen, and afterwards the house wonder, Claptone, who charmed a large crowd with his sometimes commercial tinted house beats. The last day was also mostly filled with techno and we went for artists Deetron and Dave Clarke. In between we took time for Kollektiv Turmstrasse who had room for a progressive touch in their set, breathtakingly beautiful. Between all the acts we also took some time to admire the street full of artists and special. Extrema Outdoor Belgium remains par excellence, the most beautiful underground music festival of our country. (TE)