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After Movie Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2015

  • Published on 10 Jul 2015 - 12:07pm UTC
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Reminisce 5 Years Extrema Outdoor Belgium in Houthalen Helchteren with the official after movie.

We all could enjoy a beautiful festival in Houthalen Helchteren or Extrema Outdoor Belgium in May. On a short time Extrema Outdoor Belgium has become one of the most beautiful festivals of our country with 3 days undeground electronic music. Everyone who was there can affirm this and the organization presents us the after movie.

  • After Movie Outdoor Belgium 2015 op: Youtube
  • The 20-years existence of Extrema Outdoor in The Netherlands will take place tomorrow. Extrema Outdoor in The Netherlands is the original event that later on was expanded to other countries such as Belgium, with Extrema Outdoor Belgium. (JL)