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Klanfest 2015 Sunday 19/07/2015 Report

  • Published on 20 Jul 2015 - 8:08pm UTC
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The 3rd day of Klankfest 2015.

A first visit to the new music festival in Ghent that continues the tradition of 10 Days Off during the Ghent Festivities, or Klankfest. A night with an unique visit of Snoop Dog aka Snoopadelic and, of course, TLP. When entering the venue you could feel that this night of Ghent Vice had a magical character. TLP, the Studio Brussels presenter, brought a colorful set for the already filled Vooruit. Interesting were the many, many, many wonderful women who were present for the arrival of living hip hop legend Snoop. And he didn’t came alone, as the whole stage was filled with invited people. As expected the Vooruit was spoiled with a mix of funk, disco, r ‘n and hip hop with the usual announcements of Snoop himself. This was an outstanding and beautiful evening on Klankfest. (JL)