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  • Published on 03 Aug 2015 - 4:12pm UTC
  • Artist: Sven Van Hees
  • Rating: 10/10
chameleon svenvanhees 030815 EMmag

Tthe new album, Chameleon, of Sven Van Hees on Your Lips Records.

The Belgian grandmaster and living DJ legend, Sven Van Hees, named his new album, Chameleon. A pearl consisting of 2 discs, ‘Flowtation’ and ‘The Rhythm’. Flowtation brings a loungy atmosphere and The Rhythm creates an Ibiza summer feeling. Although, the Flowtation disc can equally be played on a sultry beach or a chill out bar in Ibiza. Our lounge favorite is, ‘Pescador’, due to the gentle rhodes, the warm vocal and the jazzy tinged atmosphere. Flowtation ends with, ‘The Dance’, a first 4/4 house beat that’s an ideal warming up for the 2nd disc.
‘New Dawn’, is the opening of the ‘The Rhythm’ disc. A beautiful track with the necessary lounge flair and soulful beats breathing a calm sphere. Our favourite is ‘Space Junk’, in which synths are creating a progressive house feel. Without any doubt, this new album of Sven Van Hees gets a full 10/10 rating, released on the Your Lips label. (JL)