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Start WECANDANCE Festival 2015

  • Published on 04 Aug 2015 - 11:14pm UTC
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The best underground music beach festival in our country or, WECANDANCE 2015, starts this weekend.

Without any doubt, WECANDANCE, is the best underground music festival situated on the Belgian coast. The festival offers more than music, a beach and a holiday atmosphere at our coast. Fashion and beauty are points of interest who are brought forward on the ’Experience Market’. Visitors are being spoiled with many choices and the presentation of The Jane or the popular restaurant of Sergio Herman. The restaurant will be presented with a very own DJ Booth making sure that a dinner at The Jane will be a very special experience.
In addition, the organization also brings special surprises, as for last year when 2 camels entered the festival area.
With the beautiful summer weather that’s on its way, WECANDANCE 2015, will be crowded. The very last tickets are available on the website, if you don’t want to miss this festival. (JL)