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Techno For Humanity

  • Published on 07 Sep 2015 - 8:08pm UTC
technoforhumanity 070915 EMmag

Help for the refugees in Europe thanks to Ida Engberg, Labyrinth Productions and Techno For Humanity.

An emotional call on social media of Ida Engberg to support the refugees in Europa, have gained hearing in Belgium. Labyrinth Productions, or the organization of events such as Extrema Outdoor, Extrema Noir and Labyrinth Club announces on the 17th September, a techno party in Antwerp. The new club, Ikon, is the location for names such as Adam Beyer, Matthias Tanzmann, Guti, Heidi, David Squillace, Marc Houle, Yousef and of course Ida Engberg. Major international stars who are carrying this concept and helping refugees in Europa. Music has a heart for everyone! (JL)