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Rock Werchter 2016 Day 3 02/07/2016 Report

  • Published on 05 Jul 2016 - 8:53pm UTC
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Report Rock Werchter, day 3, the 2nd July 2016.

Mud and rain couldn’t stop us to visit the largest rock festival in our country, Rock Werchter. With the arrival of the world star in electronic music, Paul Kalkbrenner, this year, we could not miss out on this performance.
When taking our first stepts on the festival site we went immediately towards The Barn for Beirut followed with a small bite to eat. The Belgian band Goose rarely disappoints while rock and electronica effortlessly find a way hand in hand towards the loyal fans.
After an extremely cozy fraternization with British “who needs a Brexit?” visitors, we went together to KluB C for the Belgian wonder, Lost Frequencies. Felix De Laet turns out to be more of a producer than dj. Everyone could see on the large tv screens, but also found by our new British friends, that the doubtful act of our compatriot witnessed a probably short dj career. Yet, “Are You With Me”, charmed the young fans.
Back to the main stage for a 90 ‘s revival with the Red Hot Chile Peppers. In short words, a wonderful energetic performance. Afterwards we enjoyed, Editors, who haven’t disappointed each and every year. Also this year, the live act was phenomenal. For the closing of the Rock Werchter festival on Saturday the 2nd July there was just only 1 appointment, Paul Kalkbrenner in KluB C. And it was a wonderful appointment with the history of Rock Werchter as KluB C was really completely turned upside down with the electronic sounds of Kalkbrenner. “Sky And Sand”, and the new hit single “Cloud Rider” were the massive highlights in the set, which was an ending of a day at Rock Werchter 2016.
The big question now is, isn’t it about time to follow the example of foreign festivals and provide 1 large tent for electronic music acts on Rock Werchter? (TE)