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Ghent Festivities - Aperitivo Bar 2016

  • Published on 08 Jul 2016 - 8:48pm UTC
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Ghent Festivities – Aperitivo Bar edition 2016.

Visitors of the Ghent Festivities will be able to enjoy a special, hopefully yearly tradition, Pop-Up Aperitivo Bar, during the 10-days event from the 14th July to 23rd July.
Especially visitors taking the direction to Ghent by train, and are having a stop in Gent-Sint-Pieters, will be delighted.
The Aperitivo Bar, situated near the Bijloke, next to the Jazz Gent festival will be open Every day from 17H to 22H. Concluding that each visitor, who will come through the station, will have an ideal first “taste” of the Ghent Festivities in the Pop-Up bar.

The bar opens solemnly on the 14th July, in the presence of the alderman Christophe Peeters, City of Ghent, and during Gent Jazz. Aperitivo Bar takes this it as an ideal warm up or aperitif with snacks before entering the Jazz Festival.

The music playlist will range from lounge to sunny Ibiza beats, work of Thang, Josh Lasden, Foxy Music (Balearic live show, Urgent.FM), Bram Willems (Studio Brussels), Steven and other artists.

In addition to the many initiatives in Ghent, the Ghent Festivities and the City of Ghent will have a gain with the Aperitivo Bar. (JL)