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Laundry Day 2016 presents Laundry Day Radio

  • Published on 27 Jul 2016 - 7:00pm UTC
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Laundry Day 2016, and the remarkable Laundry Day Radio.

The promotion campaign of Laundry Day 2016 has been started. Remarkable in this campaign is the Laundry Day Radio. The Laundry Day Radio broadcasting is offered from FG Radio today, next week from the summer bar Bocadero in Antwerp and in the coming weeks from different locations. The presentation of Laundry Day Radio is hosted by DJ, Major K, who’s also playing on the festival. We advise to tune in to Laundry Day Radio to know all the news about the festival and hear all special guest, but you’re also able to follow all editions of the radio through the official Facebook page of the festival.
The largest and most beautiful 1-day DJ Festival in Belgium will take place on Saturday the 3rd September this year. (JL)