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Re-Baking HBF16 EP

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The Re-Baking HBF16 EP of Josh Lasden & Synoptic Ft. Mátyás Blanckaert on El Futuro Recordings.

The El Futuro Recordings label announces a very special release, the Re-Baking HBF16 EP of Josh Lasden together with co-producer Synoptic and the voice of Mátyás Blanckaert. This release is a funky breakbeat song especially made for the annual Herbakkersfestival in the city Eeklo (East-Flanders, Belgium), celebrating the 10th anniversary this year. The release consists out of 3 tracks, the radio edit, original or DJ-friendly version and the 10Y Herbakkersfestival Mix. De lyrics full of love were written by Mátyás Blanckaert. Both the Herbakkersfestival as the city of Eeklo are honored and immortalized with this release. (TE)