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WECANDANCE 2016 Day 1 Saturday 13/08/2016 report

  • Published on 14 Aug 2016 - 11:20am UTC
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The largest Beach festival in our country, WECANDANCE 2016, report day 1.

WECANDANCE festival has become larger, so we can undoubtedly note that the festival has become the largest Beach festival of Belgium. But it doesn’t end here, WECANDANCE is also the best and most innovative electronic music festival at the Belgian coast. With 4 stages and some smaller sponsored ones electronic music remains the greatest asset along with fashion and food. More than 10.000 visitors witnessed a wonderful day and enjoyed each element connected with WECANDANCE. The day started with house legend Roy Davis Jr., who brought all early visitors immediately in action with classics and fine disco house. As the day progressed this stage, Kitsch Club & Magic, turned out to be the most exciting one. DJ Thang represented the city of Ghent, with tracks such as Pete Heller‘s Big Love, he became the King of WECANDANCE. Arriving in Pure C/The Jane we enjoyed another legend from Ghent or, Renaat, label manager of R&S Records. The evening ended with classics such as ‘Horny’ and ‘Spastik’ brought by Jean Le Rouge. We remember especially the great atmosphere and a larger growing beach festival. WECANDANCE is therefore named as the largest and best electronic music Beach festival in our country. (JL)
Photo: DJ Thang (Kitsch x Magic Stage)