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WECANDANCE 2016 Day 2 Sunday 14/08/2016 report

  • Published on 17 Aug 2016 - 5:15pm UTC
wcd report 170816

Report day 2 WECANDANCE 2016.

The 2nd day WECANDANCE festival was just ace. The best beach festival in Belgium welcomed 14.000 visitors on Sunday, which brings the total on 28.000 visitors over 2 days. Our day started an amazing dj set filled with summerly house music of Monsieur Moustache. The Labyrinth Club stage was, just as last year, the most popular stage where the typical underground sound of the club dominated. Notable visitors were Kevin Janssens and Erik Van Looy during the dj set of Tofke, a monument in the Belgian dj world. Afterwards DJ Nick Bril present to prove that he can do much more than just cooking skills. We stayed for the much talked about Amelie Lens, who went, musically, a little further with heavy techno bass lines. We can easily point out that our country holds another great techno-lady.
As we moved quickly back to the other side of the festival area for the arrival of Jamie Jones. The Emperor of underground tech house appears to be very popular here and under a shining sunshine, he was grateful for the enthusiastic public loving his mixture of tech house, dub house and deep house. Unfortunately, these were our last sounds due to other appointments that same day.
WECANDANCE is the leading festival at our Belgian coast, which should be expanding covering the huge crowd in order to have an overcrowded festival area.
This was a wonderful weekend, and we like to come back next year on the 12th and 13th August 2017. (JL)

Photo: Jamie Jones (Kitsch x Magic Stage)