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Herbakkersfestival 2016 Day 3 Sunday 14/08/2016 report

  • Published on 18 Aug 2016 - 2:03pm UTC
report hbf16 180816

Report day 3, 10 Years Herbakkersfestival 2016.

The Herbakkersfestival celebrated the 10th anniversary this year with some special acts on Sunday the 14th August. We went to Eeklo to witness bands and DJ’s on the square, Herbakkersplein and arriving just at the end of the Dutchman, Stef Bos, who’s known for his colorful songs. The square was completely full, and fortunately we were able to get in thanks to the friendly staff of the festival. Afterwards Arbeit Adelt, or the band from Marcel Vantilt and Luc Van Acker, was on the line up, a band known for their electronic 80’s past. Some hit passed the revue, but eventually they stopped earlier than planned. The square was no longer fully filled, so we weren’t sad for the chance of artists. As closing act, the organization treated us with a special act or, DJ Josh Lasden, who played a home game. We were told by one of the stewards that there was fear that the square, largely filled with rock fans, would deflate, but everyone remained interested stayed for the surprise act of the organization. Josh Lasden started with the special Herbakkersfestival song made especially for the 10th edition, along with Synoptic and Mátyás Blanckaert. Next up was a remix of Years And Years with ’Shine’ and the tone was set. The crowd started dancing immediately and as the set progressed, the disco and funk remixes followed. The organization decided to take the set a little longer to the delight of all visitors ending with Guru with ’Never No Time To Play’ and the new single of De La Soul Ft. Snoop Dogg, ’Pain’. A wonderful night of a very cozy festival in the East-Flanders, Eeklo. (TE)

Photo: Josh Lasden (Stage Herbakkerssquare)
Photo credtis: Frederik Vollaert