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Let It Go EP

  • Published on 20 Aug 2016 - 9:48am UTC
  • Artist: Amelie Lens
  • Rating: 9/10
Review Let It Go EP 200816 EMmag

The Let It Go EP of Amelie Lens on Second State.

She played an excellent set on the WECANDANCE festival and now announces the ’Let It Go EP’ on the Second State label. Amelie Lens, thé future for Belgian techno, brings an EP consisting out of 4 melodic techno tracks. ’Wild’ remains dark with a hypnotic influence thanks to the voice. ’Linger On goes’ a bit further due to hypnotic atmosphere triggered by the vocal and where there’s also a small Plastikman influence added. The title track, ’Let It Go’, is especially using acid sounds but our favorite is ’The Finest Hour’ where the melody comes fully to the fore. A beautiful track full of atmosphere, minimalist rhythms and hypnotic sounds this time propelled by synths. An excellent EP of Amelie Lens, resident and member from the Labyrinth Club group and will be playing tonight on the Pukkelpop festival. (JL)