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Pukkelpop 2016 Friday 19/08/2016 report

  • Published on 21 Aug 2016 - 3:37pm UTC
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Report of the largest alternative music festival in Belgium, Pukkelpop 2016.

Our day at Pukkelpop started with the Compact Disk Dummies, the electronic music band of West-Flanders. Drums, keyboards, guitar, vocals and a tireless energy are the main elements of a powerful electro house performance. The song ’Silver’ became our favorite of this gig. After this great start of the festival, the time had come to visit the food stands of Pukkelpop. Next on our program was, Annix, or deep drum ‘n’ bass music coming from the UK, resulting in a complete audience jumping for joy. Thereafter we went to the club stage for the 3 man strong band GoGo Penguin, also from coming from the UK. They spoiled us with jazzy influenced breaks and drum ‘n’ bass, slightly softer than the last performance (or Annix) making it digestible for us. The heavy rain that followed made us sprint towards the Boiler Room and we stayed there for DJ Hazard, again drum ‘n bass, but we were lucky that we still had a place in the dance hall for Róisín Murphy afterwards. Róisín Murphy stands for quality, from electro pop to house with an excursion to loungy beats. In 1 word, stunning! Our day at Pukkelpop closed with The Chemical Brothers on the main stage. A wonderful performance, which was also highly appreciated by everyone around us. Ending with such a highlight as The Chemical Brothers seemed to be ideal for the trip back to Ghent. Thanks Pukkelpop for a wonderful festival day! (AVD)