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10 Years Cafeína vs Disco Dasco

  • Published on 22 Sep 2016 - 12:14pm UTC

Cafeína and Disco Dasco are celebrating there 10 Years excisting in Antwerp, Sport Palace.

The 2 party concepts Cafeína and Disco Dasco are celebrating the 10 years organizing of their events together. They are both a fixture in the event sector creating house music parties. A huge event on the 30th September in the Sports Palace of Antwerp will be a highlight for both organizations. The line up offers artists such as Roma, DJ Licious, Dave Lambert, Disco Dasco DJ’s and Pat Krimson. Tickets for this large event are still available on the website, Electronic Music Magazine Belgium congratulates Cafeína and Disco Dasco with 10 years organizing of wonderful events. (JL)

Additional note 25/09/2016 (update): The event was canceled. Fans who have a ticket, are able to enter the Studio 54 event with the same ticket on the 1st October in the Sport Palace. The organization, Cafeína and Disco Dasco, wishes to explicitly apologize for this inconvenience.