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The Greatest Switch 2016 - Push Universal Nation

  • Published on 16 Oct 2016 - 5:22pm UTC

The new Greatest Switch is known, Push – Universal Nation.

Finally, Push, or DJ M.I.K.E., was elected as N°1 in The Greatest Switch list. Universal Nation finished on the 5th place in 2014, but this year Mike Dierickx (officially Dirk Dierickx) took the crown leaving names such as Underworld, Laurent Garnier and the compatriots Netsky, Goose, Jones & Stephenson behind him.
Justifiably, we can find this, as Universal Nation became an epic trance classic worldwide. The Greatest Switch (classic) is chosen by the Studio Brussels listener each year as part of the leading radioshow, Switch. The presentation of the marathon broadcasting was delivered by Eva De Roo and Bert Van Steenberghe. We would also point out that the latest Belgian N°1 was Daan with Housewife in 2011. Congratulations Mike Dierickx, aka Push, with the the achievement and recognition in our country! (JL)