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Electronic Music Magazine Belgium

Electronic Music Magazine Belgium on Tomorrowland

  • Published on 16 Jun 2014 - 4:53pm UTC
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People Of Tomorrowland, the project of artist, Arne Quinze, gradually begins to take shape.

De Schorre in Boom is today big construction works. All incoming positive messages are carefully selected and installed to the construction.

The first images of the bridge on Facebook.
Selecting positive messages on Facebook.

Between all those positive messages are some very beautiful pieces. Pure artworks were sent. And in between all those positive is a message of EM Magazine.
Entitled, “Electronic Music Is The Future”, you can find our modest, board among all other thousands of messages. Messages coming in from all over the world were submitted.

EM Magazine will also be present at 10 Years Tomorrowland. (JL)