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BOB campaign Extrema Noir 2016

  • Published on 04 Nov 2016 - 12:34pm UTC

The organization of Extrema Noir, and Extrema Outdoor, are announcing a special BOB campaign for the edition Extrema Noir 2016.

On its own initiative, the indoor festival Extrema Noir, announces a special action to raise awareness for the danger of alcohol use in the traffic. The action consists of 1 free ticket for young drivers who act as a BOB driver and brings 4 friends to the event, which also holds a special parking at the entrance and receive a double CD compilation of Extrema for the return trip. Organizer, Ugur Akkus, notes the constructive policy that the organization already implements but the organization is going one step further with introducing the BOB action. We find this innovative and a huge example for all festival organizations in Belgium. Each BOB driver will have to take an alcohol control before leaving.
The organization already had the label of Quality Nights (VAD), but the BOB action is a wonderful initiative.
Artists such as Noir, Secondcity (live), Fur Coat, Gary Beck and Absurd will perform on the 3rd December at the indoor festival Extrema Noir (JL)