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Extrema TV

  • Published on 15 Nov 2016 - 7:27pm UTC

In preparation of the Extrema Noir festival, Extrema Outdoor presents the innovative concept Extrema TV.

Extrema Outdoor Belgium introduced the innovative action, Extrema TV last week. The popular VRT journalist, Ben Roelants, known from the program Vlaanderen Vakantieland on the tv-station Eén, acted as interviewer. The first guest was Bart Roman (Culture Club, WECANDANCE) taking for a car-drive and telling his wonderful story about nightlife. This interview could be followed by everyone via a live stream offered on the Facebook page of Extrema Outdoor Belgium.
There’s a new broadcasting of Extrema TV tonight, featuring DJ Tofke as the main guest. Our editorial office also received the information that Wim Van Ouystel (manager La Rocca) and DJ Yves Deruyter (Cherry Moon) will be featured in this broadcast.

Extrema TV starts at 20H (CET) and watch on following link:

  • Extrema Outdoor Belgium Facebook
  • There are 2 editions of Extrema TV planned after tonight’s edition.
    Extrema Noir is the indoor festival of Extrema Outdoor Belgium, that will take place on 3 december.