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Peter Decuypere - Book Holy Trinity Events

  • Published on 06 Jan 2017 - 6:37pm UTC

Peter Decuypere presents the book Holy Trinity Events.

In our country, the book ‘We Love Events’, was a hype in the world of organizers, events, managers, marketing and artistic people. The founder of Fuse club, I Love Techno, Peter Decuypere, presents the successor to the We Love Events book or, ‘Holy Trinity Events’. The extensive experience and knowledge as an event organizer, marketing consultant, manager and philosopher is an ideal guide for this book. Examples going from Nirvana to Underworld to FC Barcelona and more are all together forming this book as an ideal reading adventure.

All information Book Holy Trinity Events

The promising Belgian photographer, Leyla Hesna, who recently elected to 3rd Best Party Photographer at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, delivers one of the photos on the cover. (JL)