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Meeting The Mermaids Josh Lasden & Synoptic as scoop in Guido’s Lounge Café

  • Published on 11 Feb 2017 - 3:38pm UTC
Meeting The Mermaids Guido 110217 EMmag

Meeting The Mermaids, of Josh Lasden & Synoptic as scoop in the popular Guido’s Lounge Cafe radioshow.

The brand new track, Meeting The Mermaids, of Josh Lasden & Synoptic, is presented as a scoop in Guido’s Lounge Café. This track is one of the new tracks from the forthcoming album 10 Years El Futuro Recordings. The mixcloud show of the Dutchman, Guido van der Meulen, is one of the most listened and popular chill out radio shows on Mixcloud.
In addition to house music, deep house and progressive house, the producers Josh Lasden & Synoptic, are now also known in the chill out and lounge scene. Their deep house track, Circles Of Music, got featured early this year in a Tomorrowland promotional video for one of the Global Journey Travel packages.

  • Listen here to Guido’s Lounge Café on: Mixcloud
  • Enjoy the relaxing music and the scoop of Josh Lasden & Synoptic. You can also discover the link towards the interview with Guido van der Meulen below. (TE)