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Where Angels Go Trouble Will Follow EP

  • Published on 26 Feb 2017 - 12:25pm UTC
  • Artist: Farrago
  • Rating: 8/10
where angels go EP 260217 EMmag

Arts Records presents the Where Angels Go Trouble Will Follow EP of Farrago.

Labyrinth resident DJ, Farrago, has a first release on the Italian label, Arts Records. Where Angels Go Trouble Will Follow EP is the title and is divided into 2 tracks, ’Where Angels Go’ and ’Trouble Will Follow’. This EP starts with ’Her ’, an atmospheric deep tech house track that captures a peaceful experimental building. ’Where Angels Go’ is more powerful using the necessary elements of a good techno track having a dark sounding the break. The tracks ’I Serve’ and ’Trouble Will’ Follow are both situated into a darkness movement. Our favorite is the opening track, Her. Farrago will be playing on Wednesday the 25th March in Decadance for the Bang The Box event of Seba Lecompte and on Saturday the 3rd June at the Extrema Outdoor Belgium Festival, on the Red Bull Elektropedia stage. (JL)