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Jobs Ipanema Beach Club

  • Published on 21 Mar 2017 - 11:08am UTC
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The best beach club in our country, or Ipanema Beach Club, of Versuz, offers jobs.

Ipanema Beach Club, the hippest summer event of Belgium, is looking for employees. The annual beach event of Versuz is taking place on the roof of the best club. This location has got a beach, swimming pool, lounge and of course a summer atmosphere or an ideal meeting spot for networking, afterwork or just to relax. They offer customized music ranging from lounge to house. We can point out that, Ipanema is Ibiza in Hasselt.
Those who want to work on this beautiful location can apply on:
For you summer evenings in Hasselt, there’s just 1 perfect place, or the Ipanema Beach Club. (JL)